PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024: All You Need to Know

By S Sut - Updated On 31-03-2024

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024: All You Need to Know


The PM Vishwakarma Yojana, launched in February 2023, is a beacon of support for India's traditional artisans and craftspeople. Aiming to empower this vital community, the scheme offers financial aid, skill development, and recognition. If you're a craftsperson or someone who knows one, this blog post is your one-stop guide to the PM Vishwakarma Yojana.

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

Description Information
Scheme Name Prime Minister Vishwakarma Yojana 2024
Beneficiaries Individuals from all castes belonging to the Vishwakarma community
Official Link
Apply Online
Rural & Urban List
Download PDF
Who Can Apply? All craftspeople and artisans from the Vishwakarma community
Budget Allocated ₹13,000 Crore
Department Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 Benefits

  • The scheme will provide various financial aids to craftspeople and artisans, such as loans, grants, and subsidies.
  • The scheme will offer training to craftspeople and artisans to enhance their skills.
  • The scheme will help craftspeople and artisans connect their products to the market.
  • The scheme will provide recognition to craftspeople and artisans for their work.

Eligibility For PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

The eligibility criteria for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana are likely to focus on Indian citizens actively engaged in traditional crafts or interested in pursuing them as a profession. Keep an eye out for official announcements for specific details.

However, based on the 2023 scheme, here's a general idea of who can apply:

  • Indian citizens engaged in a traditional craft or handloom profession
  • Must possess a skill development certificate relevant to your craft (in some cases)
  • Annual income below a certain limit (mentioned in the official guidelines)

Documents Required for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

Again, there might be slight variations in the required documents. But common ones include:

  • Aadhaar card
  • PAN card
  • Caste certificate (if applicable)
  • Skill development certificate (if required)
  • Income certificate
  • Passport-sized photograph

How To Apply Online PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024

The registration is not open yet for 2024, the official online application portal details are not available. However, you can keep an eye on government websites like the Ministry of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) for future announcements. Once registration opens, the official website will provide clear instructions on how to submit your application electronically.

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 Registration Details

The official registration process for the PM Vishwakarma Yojana is yet to be announced. Keep an eye on official government websites or trusted news sources for updates. In the meantime, you can explore the scheme's eligibility criteria and prepare the required documents to ensure a smooth application process once it opens.

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 Beneficiary Status Login

There is no update on the 2024 beneficiary status login yet. However, if you registered in 2023, you can keep an eye out on official government websites or news for updates on the status login process.

Castes Under Vishwakarma Samudaya

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana isn't limited by caste. It extends its benefits to a wide range of traditional crafts communities.

The following are some of the major castes that fall under the Vishwakarma Samudaya:

  • Lohar (blacksmiths)
  • Sunar (goldsmiths)
  • Mochi (cobblers)
  • Nai (barbers)
  • Dhobi (washermen)
  • Darzi (tailors)
  • Kumhar (potters)
  • Murtikar (sculptors)
  • Carpenter (carpenters)
  • Malakar (garland makers)
  • Raj Mistri (masons)
  • Nav Nirmata (boat builders)
  • Astra Nirmata (weapon makers)
  • Tala Nirmata (locksmith)
  • Machali Ka Jala Nirmata (fishing net makers)
  • Hathoda aur Toolkit Nirmata (hammer and toolkit makers)
  • Dalia, Chatai, Jharu Nirmata (basket, mat, and broom makers)
  • Paramparik Gudiya aur Khilauna Nirmata (traditional doll and toy makers)

PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 FAQs

1. What is the PM Vishwakarma Yojana?

The PM Vishwakarma Yojana is a government scheme supporting traditional artisans and craftspeople in India through financial aid, skill development, and recognition.

2. Who is eligible for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024?

Indian citizens engaged in traditional crafts, possessing relevant skill certificates, and meeting income criteria may be eligible.

3. What documents are required for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024?

Commonly required documents include Aadhaar card, PAN card, caste certificate (if applicable), skill development certificate, income certificate, and a passport-sized photograph.

4. How can I apply online for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024?

Online registration details for 2024 are not available yet. Stay updated on government websites for announcements.

5. When will registration details for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024 be announced?

Official registration details for 2024 are yet to be announced. Monitor government websites for updates.

6. How can I check beneficiary status for PM Vishwakarma Yojana 2024?

Beneficiary status login for 2024 is not available yet. Monitor official sources for updates.

7. Which castes can benefit from PM Vishwakarma Yojana?

Various traditional crafts communities can benefit, including Lohar, Kumhar, Carpenter, and others under the Vishwakarma Samudaya.

Remember, this blog post is based on information available for the 2023 scheme. We'll update it as soon as there's official news on the 2024 PM Vishwakarma Yojana registrations and other details.

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