Celebrate Holi With Snapchat AR Pichkari Filter That Has Over One Lakh Exciting Colors

By S Sut - Updated On 03-04-2024

Celebrate Holi With Snapchat AR Pichkari Filter That Has Over One Lakh Exciting Colors


Snapchat's AR Pichkari Lens adds a digital twist to Holi celebrations! Activate it to wield a virtual water gun, splash colorful water on friends via your phone's camera, and enjoy over 100,000 vibrant hues. End with a cheerful "Holi Hai!!" message, spreading festive joy to millions.

Features of Snapchat’s AR Pichkari Lens:

The AR Pichkari Lens on Snapchat is a delightful addition for celebrating Holi. Let me break down how it works:

1. Activation and Countdown

When you activate the AR Pichkari Lens, it transforms your smartphone into a virtual water gun (or “pichkari”). A countdown begins, signaling the start of the colorful fun.

2. Colorful Splash

Using your phone’s rear camera, you can virtually splash colorful water on your friends. The flow of water is initiated, and you control it by moving your phone.

3. Over One Lakh Colors

The AR Pichkari Lens offers over one lakh vibrant colors. Imagine drenching your friends in a rainbow of hues, making the celebration even more lively.

4. Holi Hai!!:

As the timer runs out, a joyful “Holi Hai!!” message appears on the screen. It’s like showering the festive spirit of Holi into the lives of millions of Snapchatters.

5. Ultimate Colorful Solution

Whether you’re a fan of traditional Holi or prefer keeping things clean, this lens caters to both. With its vast color palette, it’s the perfect way to join the fun without any fuss.

So, grab your virtual pichkari, spread the colors, and celebrate Holi with a digital twist.

How to Use Snapchat’s AR Pichkari Lens

  • Launch the Snapchat app on your iOS or Android device.
  • Look for the “AR Pichkari by Ronin Labs” lens in Snapchat’s camera tab. If you can’t find it, scan the Snapcode provided.
  • Once you open the lens, tap the screen to start the countdown. The on-screen animation will begin.
  • To record a video snap, press and hold the camera button. And to take a photo, tap the camera button once.
  • As colored water flows out of the on-screen bucket onto your face, move your camera to change the direction of the flow. Tap the color bar on the left of the screen to switch colors.
  • After recording, a joyful “Holi Hai!” message will appear on the screen.
  • Share the recording with friends or export it to your phone’s gallery for sharing via other apps.

The AR Pichkari Lens on Snapchat makes celebrating Holi super fun and colorful in a new way. It lets you splash virtual colors on your friends using your phone's camera. With over a hundred thousand colors to choose from, it's like having a real pichkari in your phone! And when the countdown ends, you'll see a happy "Holi Hai!!" message. Whether you like the traditional Holi or want something cleaner, this lens has you covered. So, join the fun, spread the colors, and celebrate Holi in a digital style


Q: What features does Snapchat's AR Pichkari Lens offer for Holi celebrations?

A: The AR Pichkari Lens transforms your phone into a virtual water gun, splashing colorful water on friends with over 100,000 vibrant hues. It includes a countdown feature and ends with a cheerful "Holi Hai!!" message.

Q: How do I use Snapchat's AR Pichkari Lens?

A: Simply launch Snapchat, find the "AR Pichkari by Ronin Labs" lens, or scan the provided Snapcode. Tap the screen to start the countdown, then record videos or take photos while splashing colors. Move your camera to change the flow direction and tap the color bar to switch colors.

Q: Can I share my recordings with others?

A: Yes, after recording, a "Holi Hai!" message appears on the screen. You can then share the recording with friends directly or export it to your phone's gallery for sharing via other apps.

Q: Is Snapchat's AR Pichkari Lens suitable for both traditional and cleaner Holi celebrations?

A: Absolutely! Whether you prefer the traditional festivities or a cleaner alternative, this lens caters to both preferences with its vast color palette and interactive features.

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