Beware of Fake Trading Apps Scam, Protect Your Finances

By S Sut - Updated On 01-03-2024

Beware of Fake Trading Apps Scam, Protect Your Finances


Scammers are not after you, they are after your money. Every day, countless people get scammed by different scams. One of the dangerous scams going around is the Fake Trading App scam. This scam can wipe out your bank account in no time.

In this article, we'll explore how the fake treading app scam works and what you can do to protect yourself from falling for it.

How does the treading app scam work?

It's a natural tendency for people to spend money on things they enjoy while also saving some money. Often, people seek to grow their savings through investments. Buying stocks from different companies is a common investment strategy. Many investors hold onto these stocks, hoping their value will appreciate over time, eventually selling them at a profit.

To buy stocks, one typically relies on online platforms. There are so many trading apps out there, and scammers have found a fresh way to scam. They make fake copies of real trading platforms, making it hard for users to tell if it's a fake or a real app.

Scammers use different platforms like Telegram, Facebook, or WhatsApp to contact and convince you to install and use the app. They promote their fake platform, boasting about its advantages. People fall for it and download the app because it looks professional and real.

You won't find these fake trading apps on trusted stores like Play Store or App Store. Scammers share APK files instead, which people install on their devices. These fake apps act just like real ones, showing fake stock info. But when you try to withdraw your money, it's gone without a trace.

This scam is spreading fast, catching even smart folks who ignore red flags for the promise of profit and benefit.

How to save yourself from this scam?

Before you download any trading app, take the time to do your homework. Check out online reviews and make sure it's available on reputable app stores. Avoid the risk of sideloading APK files onto your phone.

RBI recommends investing only through certified apps like Forex, which are verified by the RBI. Recently, RBI has banned over 75 fake trading apps, indicating the widespread impact of these scams. Therefore, before investing in any app, ensure it is certified by Forex to prevent potential financial harm.

If you come across a fake trading app or become a victim of this scam, act quickly. Report the incident to the right authorities. You can reach out to the cybercrime helpline at 1930 or file a complaint on the official website By reporting scams, you play a part in stopping fraud and safeguarding others from falling into the trap.


The rise of fake trading apps poses a big risk to unsuspecting investors. Stay alert and be cautious to protect your finances from these sneaky schemes. Always double-check the legitimacy of trading platforms, steer clear of downloading apps from shady sources, and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Together, we can fight financial fraud and make the digital world safer for everyone.


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